Instructions for use Fungalor Premium Plus

Features of the use of the cream Fungalor Premium Plus

Fungalor Premium Plus Mycosis Cream requires a strict treatment regimen to get quick relief from mycosis. For maximum results, follow the directions in the preparation instructions.

How to use the cream

How to use Fungalor Premium Plus

Apply the cream on the skin affected by the fungus several times a day. Before applying the cream, rinse your feet well with water, preferably lukewarm. Pat your skin dry. Rub the product on the skin very gently and carefully. Massage, circular movements will be helpful in this. A simple application may not give the desired result. The massage, in turn, relaxes the muscles and improves blood circulation. Thanks to this, the product will be reliably absorbed into the skin, the repair process of damaged cells will begin, and as a result, the skin will heal. Apply the cream to areas of visible damage, redness, and itchiness.


Fungalor Premium Plus cream has several main indications for use:

  • mycosis
  • roughness and peeling of the skin;
  • inflammation, redness, itching;
  • destruction of the nail plate;
  • The natural blush has disappeared;

The tool is perfect not only for the treatment of mycosis, but also for the prevention of the disease.

Stages of action

One week Effect
First week The cream begins to interact with the skin cells. The cell regeneration process is activated.
2nd week Improves skin tone, itching disappears, reduces redness.
Third week The result is visible to the naked eye: the signs of mycosis disappear by almost 99%.
Fourth week

This week the effect of the cream is consolidated and the protective layer of the skin is reinforced.


Fungalor Premium Plus has no contraindications. Use of the product should be in moderation and within the scope of the instructions.

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